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Living an Integrated Life

Where do you draw the line between your spiritual life and the rest of the world in your everyday experience? This question came up in our community for creatives, iCreateDaily, in particular, relative to how to balance personal and business into an synthesized, integrated life.

If you are an entrepreneur or creator serious about your art, you may find this article helpful. Meanwhile, we really enjoyed the wisdom shared by spiritual teachers and authors Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. You can get a preview of what’s to come in the video Q&A session from the excerpted quotes that precede it.

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The moment you draw the line between your spiritual life and the rest of the world, you have fallen into the ancient trap of separation and polarity, that keeps you separate from the very thing that you love and cherish the most, and that is life itself.
~Gregg Braden, TCCHE 2017

Everything that happens is a part of your spiritual path.
~Gregg Braden, TCCHE 2017

“We’re living in such an amazing time right now… if you’re not being challenged in some way in your life, you’re not alive.”
~Dr. Joe Dispenza

If you see your life as the school… as the initiation, then you can no longer be a victim to your life, you’re going to have to meet the challenges in your life from a greater mind… greater than the mind that created it.
~Dr. Joe Dispenza

How do we become supernatural? We’re going to have to do what feels unnatural at first. If you doing what’s unnatural over and over again, sooner or later you’re going to become supernatural.
~Dr. Joe Dispenza

We came here to experience life… and to create.
~Bruce Lipton, Ph.D

You’re sure to enjoy more inspiring questions and answers from three mega popular wisdom teachers in this video.