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The Power of Presence and Breath

How many breaths go by unnoticed? How many heartbeats?

How many opportunities to love, to live, to make a difference… to matter in ways that have meaning for you?

To live a life of meaning, you give meaning to life.

You decide what you’re about… who you are, and who you will become by the decisions you make in each moment of each day. These moments are the cells that make up the body of your life and each day your choices determine the nature and health of it… of you.



Meditation Breathing flows as inhale… pause… exhale… pause.

🙏🏻Each in-breath is an invitation for the power of presence as awareness, to fill you. Breath in deeply.
🙏🏻In each pause, the opportunity for the poise of perfect presence.
🙏🏻Each exhale… a release of negativity and tension.

🌹Presence is synonymous with love… with joy… with spirit… with good… with God.

🌹Presence is the joyous gaze of a mother upon the face of her child.
🌹Presence is the embrace of newlyweds, as they bask in their love for each other, in timeless moments in a world of their own.🌹Presence is the married couple holding hands as they celebrate their 50th anniversary, volumes exchanged in a single glance.🌹Presence is that space of quiet contentment that fills you at the end of a day well lived.
🌹Presence is reflection on the many blessings in your life.
🌹Presence is a listening ear and caring heart to the sharing of a friend’s dreams… and fears.
🌹Presence is that place of power and peace; of love and joy.
🌹Presence is a lifetime in a second… an eternity in an hour.

When it comes right down to it…

☀Presence is life; it is the essence of that which moves all life.
☀Presence is all that you really have and all that you really are.
☀Presence is you. Presence is me.

Presence is…

  • not the body
  • not the feelings
  • not the thoughts

Presence is…

  • the mover of the body
  • the experiencer of the feelings
  • the thinker behind the thoughts

In Presence…

  • you discover your essential self
  • consciousness expands
  • presence expands

Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.
~Thích Nhât Hanh, Zen Buddhist monk, teacher, author

Presence grows as breath flows and in gratitude. For a journey into the life-transforming trend in gratitude, you may enjoy this article.

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