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Be Grateful for the Positive Trend to Gratitude

Gratitude and the Power of Being Thankful

As of this writing, January, 2018, a search of Amazon books and the word “Gratitude” currently yields 13,636 results. When I first looked this up in 2014, it was 2,940 search results.

Gratitude books on Amazon have grown by 464% over the four years between 2014 and 2018. Wow! Now that’s a positive and encouraging trend!

So… when the news today is so filled with so many negatives, it’s vital to remember that there are many more positives today than ever before.

Gratitude books on Amazon have grown by 464%!

A search of Google and the word “Gratitude” currently yields 125,000,000 results, and gets 90,500 searches each month, as of this writing. That’s over 90k people looking up gratitude things. E.g, sites, books, products and information related to gratitude.

Four years ago a Google of gratitude returned 21,100,000 search results.

Google search results for ‘gratitude’ have grown by 592% in four years!


But it gets even better. The word ‘grateful’ currently yields 224,000,000 search results, and there are 201,000 searches for “grateful” each month!!


Clearly, gratitude is a growing trend.

Gratitude is far more than just a word. More than good manners and social etiquette; more than something reserved for Thanksgiving, or when someone specifically helps us. Gratitude is a movement… a way of life… a lifestyle and a life saver.

One of the simplest things you can do for the greatest benefit to your life is the practice of gratitude.

Be Grateful and You’ll Be Happier and Healthier

You cannot…

🙏🏻 …hate when you are truly grateful, but love can flood your heart.
🙏🏻 …be fearful when you are truly grateful, but courage can fortify your mind.
🙏🏻 …be angry while grateful, and gratitude engenders empathy.

When you practice being grateful for your life and all that is in it, you begin to transform.

be grateful,

The Power of Being Thankful

Gratitude Transforms:

  • Stress to strength
  • Angst to enthusiasm
  • Agitation to contemplation
  • Irritation to patience
  • Hopelessness to hopefulness
  • Depression to joy

The practice of gratitude is a powerful way to practice presence, while attracting more in your life for which to be grateful.


We are thankful for you!

What are you thankful for?  Feel free to send us an email, We’d love to hear from you!

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