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Personality Development – the Integration of Body, Mind and Emotions

As we grow into ourselves we come to recognize that we are a complex composition of instinct, feelings, thoughts and spirit, and that our optimal personality development is dependent on the even growth of all of these aspects. It may also become apparent that for some of us, there are areas that develop ahead of others, and some that never quite seem to catch up.

There is a man whose is classified as a genius IQ (reportedly 197, whereas Einstein’s was 160) named Walter O’Brien. He has a hit TV show modeled after his life and the MacGyver-like organization he founded, of geniuses who solve all kinds of problems all around the world. Yet when it comes to personal relationships, Walter says his emotional intelligence—EQ for emotional quotient—falls short. [1]

Of course, Walter is an extreme example of a self-professed low EQ. However, not unlike many in the genius, autistic and/or ADHD spectrums of intelligence, uneven growth between the different aspects of human beingness, is not unusual.

Growing pains are about personality integration.  ~LeAura Alderson

Most of us have experienced growth in spurts in different areas of life, in other than even ways. We could even say that personality development up through our 30’s can look a bit like the gangly teen whose coordination has not yet caught up with itself.

Earlier in life it’s relative to physical coordination up through puberty. This is where people get and latch onto phrases like, “I’ve always been clumsy.” This physical phase is followed by emotional, and mental coordination.

From there, we’ve developed—hopefully—a solidly integrated vehicle that continues to improve and refine itself, even as the soul becomes increasingly more present, often expressed as mid-life crisis, if what we’re doing is off track from our deeper purpose, or as an urge toward more spiritual alignment. So it’s no surprise that more people discover—or seek out—meditation in and beyond their 30’s.

The Cycles of Personality Development

Some schools of thought consider seven year developmental cycles. Others look at it in 10 year increments. For simplicity here, we’ll speak to 10 year cycles of growth as a fairly accurate generality.

General Ages and Stages of Growth

  • 0-10 physical development
  • 10-20 emotional development
  • 20-30 mental development
  • 30-40 personality development
  • 40 onward – spiritual development

So all of these constitute personality development, where personality represents the vehicle for your interaction with the world.  For your personal growth and development, consider if there are areas of your body, emotions and mentality where you could benefit by stepping up the development and achieve greater integration. This could be your next area for growth. Send us an email and let us know what it is for you. The more you share about what you’re looking for and needing, the more we can bring more of that to you. Remember…

Never stop growing. That’s what we’re here to do.  ~LeAura Alderson

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