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Guided Relaxation Meditations

Meditate on Your Toe!

Well at least it starts there.

From an email I received from Biogetica, a company where I order holistic remedies:

In today’s world the left big toe doesn’t seem to be getting the love and respect it deserves. It is common parlance to say things that suggest we don’t care much about our own big left toe.

However, the left toe is sacred, like any other part of your body. In some ancient teaching on the energy body it is considered to be of huge importance, a place that contains a very sacred energy. This can be seen in various ancient practices such as the practice of touching an elder’s feet, or in the meditation described below. Let’s do this meditation because very few of us have actually ever meditated on or given any importance to, our big left toe.

This meditation is extremely simple and accessible to all. Its results however are deeply relaxing. 


How to do a Body Scan Relaxation Meditation

Sit in a comfortable position in a chair, preferably with a straight back.

If you’re using this for sleep, then you may also lie down in bed on your back. Instead of “counting sheep”, you’ll be communicating with your body and instructing every muscle and part of you to relax.

You will be bring your attention and awareness to your BIG left Toe. Sense it. Fix your awareness on it for as long as you wish and until you have a very clear sensation of it.

From there your attention will flow to your other toes, then to your right big toe followed by the other toes.

Next will be your feet… the soles of your feet… the tops of your feet… your ankles.

Continue this process of allowing your attention to slowly scan your body from your toes to the top of your head. Slowly, peacefully.

As your attention flows to each area, imagine breathing relaxing oxygen into each part of your body with each deep and soothing breath.


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