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We hope you enjoy your free Presence as Spirit ~20 minute meditation! 🙂

For when you’re short on time, here is the abridged ~10min version of Presence as Spirit. 🙂

Carve out a time and space to nurture your inner self each day… even if you can only spare 5 minutes at first.

Chances are you’ll find that—paradoxically—making time to meditate actually seems to create more time in your day.


  • Induces calm
  • Decreases stress
  • Increases focus
  • Decreases brain clutter
  • Increases inner peace
  • Decreases anxiety
  • Increases joy
  • Decreases anger

Meditation soothes the mind like a cool breeze on a hot day…

…or a warm blanket on a cold day.

How many breaths go by unnoticed? How many heartbeats? How many opportunities to love, to live, to make a difference and to matter in ways that have meaning for us?

To live a life of meaning,
we must give more meaning to life.

We hope you enjoy this sample of the Presence Meditation series. Please let us know. We want to bring you more of what we want and need, so your feedback is appreciated and valued.

If you love this and would like more meditations toward creating more presence and poise in your life, you may enjoy the entire Presence Meditations Journal.

Get The 7 Day Presence Mediation and Journal for more peace, gratitude, and joy in your life!

Guided meditations are especially beneficial for anyone just learning to meditate. However, many already experienced in meditation also enjoy the relaxing and focusing process of guided meditations as an alternative to their regular meditation practice.

The Whole Life Fit Life Presence Meditations are 7 unique meditations in both short and longer formats averaging 10 and 20 minutes each. In other words, each meditation focus has a shorter and longer version for those days when you have less or more time.

This journal is a writable PDF where you can make electronic notes, or else print it out and write on it. Each meditation has an invocative concept for the day’s meditation and a focus, that includes a journaling prompt for morning and evening, to help you get your reflective ideative thoughts flowing.

The meditations are clickable links to the audio file of the meditations in your choice of short or longer guided meditations.

Most of the content of the guided meditations are also written out so you can read to refresh as and when you like.

These guided meditations help you to focus on purpose, expand passion, and elevate presence in every area of your life. Use them for a full eight days, then start over and go through them again and again.

Repeated use continues to expand the experience for you, both in your inner and outer life.

For days when you’re short on time, there is a shorter version that’s under 10 minutes.

Save 40% and gain immediate access to your journal for only $10, (saving $4 off the regular price of $14).

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