Meditation – a Gift to Soothe Your Soul

Meditation Creates Space for Spirit

How many breaths go by unnoticed? How many heartbeats? How many opportunities to love, to live, to make a difference and to matter in ways that have meaning for us?

To live a life of meaning,

we must give meaning to life.

With each breath is latent an invitation for the power of presence as awareness, to fill us, and flow more abundantly in our lives.

Guided meditations are especially beneficial for anyone just learning to meditate. However, many already experienced in meditation also enjoy the relaxing and focusing process of guided meditations as an alternative to their regular meditation practice. In fact, just as it’s important to change up exercise for the body to keep progressing, it’s also helpful to periodically introduce new meditations to keep us growing toward higher levels of attainment and benefit.

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In Gratitude and Appreciation,

LeAura Alderson
Author, Ideator and lifelong meditator